Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!

I honestly never thought i would start a blog until i was married... so it could be like a journal for us you know?? Well I guess thats not gonna happen cause here i am, sitting in my room with Kortney, trying to figure out how to do this dang thing! And its hard! Oh well i will eventually figure it out with lots of help. I am living in Cedar right now. I won't lie, i miss St. George's weather. I'm so cold here! I've been having so much fun though. Last night we carved pumpkins! Most girls had a boy to help them... well not me :) so i tried to carve "Voldemort" into my pumpkin but it just didn't work out. So i ended up with a full moon! And no, that doesn't mean i flashed everyone my full bum! You'll just have to see it. Happy Halloween!
Thats my full moon :) and the supposed to be Voldemort stencil. WAY too hard.

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