Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sorry folks. I think i forgot that i had a blog. Life gets so much busier when you have a boyfriend. haha but its a good thing! I love spending time with him.

Here is just some random pictures from the past few weeks:

This is back from the first night Taylor was home. I'm wearing one of the shirts he gave me! 

Our "second" first date!

He came to visit me in Cedar! We went to Chili's (that word looks SOOO weird to me right now) and went to my Communications Final. For my final- we watched a movie! We were supposed to bring a date, so it worked out perfect!
 This boy can make some pretty funny faces. 

He LOVES to play the guitar, and i love to listen to him! I don't think he was very happy about this picture being taken haha

Welp that's just some of the thing's i've been up to! Oh i guess i moved home too. That was quite the process! I never knew there was so much to clean in one little apartment. Unpacking at home was the worst...but i'm so glad to be home. I will miss my roomies! I work at the hospital now. I am a secretary type thing for Dr. Grua. He's an Endocrinologist. I also take the patients vital signs. Fun stuff!

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