Friday, December 31, 2010

The Most WoNdErFuL Time Of The Year

Christmas this year was so great! I was lucky enough to get to talk to my Brother Blake on Christmas Eve and talk to Taylor on Christmas! It was soo much fun. Blake sounded amazing and i loved hearing him laugh. We got to talk for about 2 hours before we made him hang up! The first time we tried to hang up and neither of the phones turned off! haha it was great. Talking to Taylor was a blast too! It was so good to hear him! We had it on speaker phone so we all talked and laughed together. I'm so excited for him to come home in 3 months! CRAZY. I can't even believe it. Christmas morning was a little different for us this year! I've never had to be woke up by my parents before :) haha. I got a new laptop! I was SO happy. Its a Macbook Pro and it will definitely be put to some good use! On Christmas Eve, Grizz got attacked by 5 neighborhood dogs! It was scaaaary. He had a few bite marks and a hurt leg! He wouldn't walk on it for a few days but he is fine now. Such a great Christmas this year!
On the phone with Blake!
Christmas Morning

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