Thursday, January 20, 2011

12 Weeks!!

So here is an update on my life.
*School started again last week... 17 credits. Its not too bad, but its also not too good. My math is at 8 o'clock every morning. Ouch! Me and Kort finally signed up for institute last night and loved it today. Its the Parables of Jesus class. We also started working out everyday... the cellulite on my butt is already going away. Not. As if that will ever happen.
*Kort mentioned the story about our stupid decision to sign up for a Golds Gym pass... I hate Satan. At least that mess is finally cleared up.
*I'm sick!! Blah. I have a really bad sore throat and it hurts. I sound like a homeless person! But not like that homeless person that became famous from his amazing radio voice... yeah i don't sound like that.
*My brother Blake rocks. His birthday was yesterday. Hopefully he had a nice little japanian (my language) birthday. 
*I'm sure you're all dying to know why my title says 12 weeks.
*But i'm not going to tell you.
*Just kidding i will tell you.
*TWELVE WEEKS and my best friend Taylor comes home!! Can you believe it? Cause i can't. I am SOOO excited! :) My time is finally almost done! Whew. Go Paige.
*One last funny story. Everyone remembers those awful Drivers Ed days right?? Well one day me and Kort were driving home from Wal-Mart and we were behind a drivers ed car. We were turning left at the stoplight, and we had to wait for the oncoming traffic to clear. Well, our little friend in the drivers ed car finally decides to turn, but there were two lanes it could turn into. You know what i mean right?? Well, it turned into the far right one, which was wrong, and it hurried and swerved to the left lane, and me and Kortney about lost it!! hahaha. It was the funniest thing ever and we couldn't stop laughing. It just reminded us of those horrible days and how nervous we were. Eww glad that's over with! Well sorry this was long and pointless but whatever. Have a great day.