Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Yes, i am copying The Daybook. Me and my sister love her. Check her out if you already haven't!
--Girl brings ice cream to institute class, but you know she doesn't have enough cups or ice cream for everyone. You know the feeling. Also, a midget in our class was scooping the ice cream into everyone's cups....
--Leaving institute and i see a couple praying together before they ate their lunch. (I could end this here. But it goes on) Right as i'm staring, they finish, he opens his eyes are BAM we're staring at each other. Oooh joy.

--My sister doing a nice little post about me. I love her.
--Me and Kortney making pancakes and having a killer fun time. We like to mess with people. Baby girl, you're toxic. Keep eating chips.
--HAPPY HUMP DAY BLAKE!!! we love you!
--Learning how to Stomp The Yard. I'm pretty good.
--Hung over or headache? You tell me. Cause we're not sure. just kidding we're sure. Its headache. But these blindfolds sure were helping us escape the light and pain.

I really do have more awesome's because my life is sweet, but i'm pooped. Good day. 


  1. Haha thanks for the shout out!! "Have you seen his butt?? I think we're doing you a favor." hahahahahahahahaha

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