Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just a leeetle bit late...

Who says your Valentine's Day can't be great even when your Valentine is 6,000 miles away?? 
Not me!
 Obviously it doesn't beat the Valentine's Day that Taylor was actually here for... which is another story... but somehow he still manages to make them special even though he is gone. 
This year, as i was about to lie down for an itty bitty nap, I woke up to the doorbell ringing.
I didn't want to go downstairs, but i looked out my window and saw a UPS truck, so i thought... Hmm. I should probably go see what that is.
And here they are.

Tulips! One of my favorites. They were pink, red, and white. And SOOO pretty. Well, not so much the first day... but then they turned into this!

Pretty, right?

I loved the inside of them.
I'm quite the photographer huh? ;)

I was obsessed with my flowers! I just loved them so much, and it means a lot to me that Taylor takes the time to think of something for me even though he is a busy busy boy! He's the best.
And even though i didn't get engaged like everyone else... I liked my Valentines Day. :)
p.s. the little diamond necklace i'm wearing in the first picture is what he gave me our first Valentines Day. And i'll have to get a picture of what he sent me last year. Boy was it cute

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