Sunday, March 20, 2011

{Day 1} in Washington D.C!

  • Our flight was a red-eye flight... we slept the whole way. We have no idea how because the plane was so uncomfortable! Good thing we slept though because we arrived at six-thirty in the morning. We went to my cousins, got ready, and headed out for the day!
  • We visited all the monuments, memorials, and the white house. It was freezing. It was so cool to see everything!

{The Thomas Jefferson Memorial}

 So glad to have some warmth! 

{The Lincoln Memorial}
 We love Abe! He was HUGE.

 We Love Pearl Harbor too! Ahh Rafe. 

 {Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial}
Eleanor Roosevelt... I love Emma!! She is my cutest cousin ever!

White House! 

 World War 2 memorial, with the Washington Memorial in the background!


  1. I can't believe you guys did a red eye and were able to function that day! When we went last summer for our senior trip we slept like all day when we got to DC, the flight killed us, so good for you guys! Looks like fun, DC is the best!

  2. guys saw a lot in one day!! It looks so cold! How fun for you guys! I want to go back there someday so bad! It is sooo neat.

    Did you get on to my blog??? I noticed that you were a follower :)