Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{Day four in DC}

Definitely one of my favorite days!
We visited Mount Vernon, which is where George Washington lived. He had so much land, and a beautiful home! I learned so much about him and the amazing person he was. I swear i didn't know anything before this trip.
We also went to Alexandrea, an old town about 15 minutes away. We were able to eat at "Gadsby's Tavern", where George once celebrated his birthday and went to a few other parties! It was such a fun place to eat, and I ate the most delicious hamburger. YUMM. I barely even like hamburgers!

Stupid Green Guys. Did they have to be cleaning his house RIGHT then?? 

 His backyard.. he had SUCH a pretty view!

Yes, George is in that. He's all bones by now but still.. little creepy.

 They did all this crazy computerized stuff and that is supposed to be him at age 19. He's hot.
Are we cute?

And age 40. 

 Gadsby's Tavern!
P.S.. we got cheesecake. It was the best i ever had. I am craving it just thinking about it. 

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  1. It's me Annie reading your blog! Way cute! Did you know I have one too? If you want to read it I have to invite you so message me on FB with your email address. I guess I'm assuming you do want to read it. I hope I'm that cool.