Monday, January 31, 2011

what is wrong with me!

Today this statement became finalized.
Last week, my mother sold her big bus driver Yukon XL. Finally. But- being the picky girl she is, didn't find the car that she wanted just yet. So that meant Paige had to give up her car for the week.
I drove home last Saturday, grabbed my bags out of the car and locked the door. BAM. 
That is just the first.
This morning- I woke up to snow. Yuck. 
My class starts at eight, as i mentioned before. So i head out about 7:45 to brush off my car. (late i know)
I turn on my car, unlock my doors.
I open my back door to get my little scraper out. Shut the door.
Brushed my little white car all off, and i'm ready to go.
I go to open the door. 
Are you serious??? How was that even possible! I had just opened the door, and it was CLEARLY not locked! Ahh I was so mad. 
I called Robby and went to class with him. Yes, I left my car there, running. But i had a quiz to take ok??
Luckily I have great roommates and neighbors, and i came home to the Key Man at my house with my window rolled down, doors unlocked. (car still running though.. weird.)
My roommate had a coupon so it was only 20 bucks. But really???
I hate keys.
And my car. 
They suck.
Now i'm smart and took off my little remote thing so i will have that just in case i locked my keys in my car again.
And at the rate i'm going, that will be very likely.

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